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Silent Auction: Thank you to everyone who donated to or bid in the silent auction. It proved and interesting and enjoyable day.

Good Friday Walk

We were blessed with a beautiful day for our walk from Kirton to Grayingham Church with several stops for prayers and Hot Crossed Buns after the service at Grayingham Church  - Many thanks to the organisers.

World Day Of Prayer

Wonderful World Day of Prayer service in St Andrew’s United Church yesterday afternoon (Friday). Great to think that a great wave of prayer, led by women, travels right round the world and that everyone is using the same service non-stop for 24 hours. Thanks to women in Slovenia for preparing the service for us all.

St Andrew Fish Supper

What could be more appropriate than a fish supper to celebrate St Andrew's day. Andrew was a fisherman, who became a "Fisher of Men" when he gave up his work and followed our Lord. The supper was followed by a communion service with a wonderful interactive sermon by our Rector; Kathy. As there were so few of us (just 30) the sermon was almost like a chat. It really brought it to life.

Poppy Cascade

Our display of poppies 'cascading' from the top of the tower has created immense interest. We have welcomed well over 3,000 visitors. I think all are sorry to see it go. 

Treasure Hunt

We had a brilliant afternoon searching for clues, the hall was packed afterwards for tea and cake. I don't know how many did the hunt, but it was a lot and of all ages. Sadly my wife and I did not win (we were robbed), but all had a good day.

Treasure Hunt

On the 17 Aug. we are running our treasure hunt. Last year was great fun and had a junior hunt for children to complete and an adult one with slightly more taxing questions. Details under "whats on"

Holiday Club

We had a great Holiday Club. The children loved it and enjoyed craft, games, songs and stories. Based on the life of Paul

Brilliant Big Lunch

A full church was treated to a veritable feast today after morning worship, I loved it and I am looking forward to the Italian evening on 28 July.

Next Week is The Big Lunch! right after the service, come along, I can heartily recommend it. Great food.


A big thank you to everyone who has knitted and continues to knit. I am sure the town will have a suitable commemoration of those who fell in the Great War and subsequent conflicts.

Poppy 'Waterfall"

We have started to attach the poppies to the netting ready for the centenary commemoration. 

Meet the Bishop

Tonight is another chance to come and meet the Bishop. If you have a burning theological question or just want to meet him tonight 8th or next week 15th May 7 pm in the Queen's Head. See you later 

Bishop's Booze Up

Booze up is a bit misleading, but we did have a really enjoyable get-together in The Queens Head with some Church regulars and a few new to the church who wanted to meet the Bishop in person.

Lent Lunches

Monday at noon we are enjoying "Lent Lunches" from now until Easter. A simple lunch with learning and discussion. In the Church Halls. Please join us.

Snow Fun

It's great to see the Children sledding down the West slope.

Winter Fun

St Andrews in the snow. We had a super open Church this morning. Everyone who came in looked like a snowman, but soon thawed out.

A'Cappella Hymns

This Sunday and last, we were unable to get an organist, due to the bug doing the rounds. So we had to sing unaccompanied. I must admit to being pleasantly surprised. I think we sang rather well, we certainly enjoyed it. But all look forward to getting back to normal, let us hope all are well soon. 


We had a super service, the children from ABC sang for us and ALL the church candles were lit. We all received a candle and had a candle lit procession. Candlemas falls on 2nd Feb, but is celebrated the Sunday before.

Christmas Services

We had a wonderful Christmas at Church. The Carol Service was packed with some of the children from ABC helping to illustrate the nativity and the midnight mass was also a lovely well attended service. The Christmas Day service was peaceful, and with no organist we sang the hymns a'cappella, which is how Silent Night is meant to be sung.

Big weekend coming up. Christmas Eve Carol Service is at 6. and Midnight Mass at 11:30. But earlier in the day there is communion at 9. ABC for the children at 10 and Morning service at 11. And of course Christmas Day morning service at 10am.


What a busy Sunday! Early communion, ABC at 10 O'Clock, Service at 11, a double Christening at 12. 30 (two beautiful babies) and then Christingle at 3, What a lovely service! What a great day.

St Andrew's Day

Thursday 30 November is Saint Andrew's dyad we will have a service at 2:30 followed by refreshments. All welcome

Christmas Photo Booth

While the Christmas Lights were being switched on we had a stall at the Christmas fair with a "Photo Booth" where people could dress up as characters from the Nativity story and have their photos taken. Click on the photos page to see some of them.

Learn More about the season of ADVENT click here 

ABC Busy Busy!

We had a great time this morning at ABC (Adults, Babies and Children), with 6 newbies and a 4 week old baby for me to cuddle and a dozen, parents, grandparents etc. A good time was had by all.

Kirton Primary School Harvest Festival

Today we were host to Kirton Primary School's Harvest Festivals. The children all contributed in their class groups, named after woodland creatures, Moles, Kingfishers, Rabbits etc. My own grandson (a 4 year old Rabbit) and his class sang and danced to Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

Harvest Supper was a great event. Brilliant food, a huge choice and some superb entertainment from "Folk 'round 'ere" who's songs all had a harvest theme. We finished on Lincolnshire Poacher of course. Checkout their Facebook page at:

Civic Service

We hosted a very enjoyable service, with a full church, a spectacularly good soprano soloist and wonderfully dexterous oboist and guest organist. Many thanks to Claire Wheat (soprano), Jonathan Gooling (organ) and Erica Hardy (oboe). I loved the three hymns and we had 3 verses of God save the Queen, the third verse of which was new to me, talking of brotherly love between nations, most appropriate.

Harvest Party.

Once again the children had a brilliant time at the Harvest Party, themed around picking the vines, a subject close to my heart. The Children made some placards and several came to show them off and sing a song they had learn at the family service the next day.

Harvest Party 4 - 11 Year Olds

Book now there are limited spaces. The Summer holiday events were a huge success, the kids thoroughly enjoyed them and this party will, I am sure, be great fun too.

Total Immersion Baptism

Went to a Baptism by Total Immersion. It was a first for most people there, including the vicar. It was a wonderful service, friendly and warm. We owe a big thank you to Pastor Tom and the good folk at the Scunthorpe Baptist Church for the loan of their Church and Pool (should I call it a font?).

What a great Treasure Hunt. We had a blast. Lots of people came, from every age group. There was an adult hunt with some difficult clues (by that I mean I didn't get them) and there was a children's Hunt with photos instead of written clues. Then all ended up in the Church Hall for tea or juice and cakes.

Looking forward to the Treasure Hunt tomorrow, 18 Aug 2:30 at the Church Hall, hope the weather holds. Should be good fun. 

The Holiday Club, entitled L st and Found (it's not a typo we lost the o) went really well, the children loved it and so did the adults. It was on the theme of things lost; the lost coin, the lost sheep and the prodigal son. Can't wait for next year!

All Change

The website has a new team, Bruce McKenzie and Kath Darby. Please be patient as we find our way around. 

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