Safeguarding Policy and Procedures






The Kirton in Lindsey, Manton PCC, and St Andrew's United Church Council have adopted:

1.1. Parish Safeguarding Handbook - Promoting a Safer Church.

1.2. Protecting All God's Children - (safeguarding policy for children and young people).

1.3. Promoting a Safe Church - (safeguarding policy for adults).

1.4. Promoting a Safer Church; House of Bishops' policy statement.

The full relevant policy is obtainable on the Diocese of Lincoln's website

The policy is summarised below:-


2.1. Supporting families, parents and carers. It is suggested that vulnerable adult and child protection should be seen within the context of family, parents and carer support. If one supports the family, parents or carer, one supports the vulnerable adult or child or young person. The PCC supports this approach.

2.2. Confidentiality. The House of Bishops' child protection policy contains (at page 33) guidance on Confidentiality see also appendix 1 of Promoting a safe church. While respecting the need for confidentiality it is legally possible, appropriate and highly desirable to disclose relevant information to the public authorities for the sake of protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults. The PCC understands both the need for confidentiality and the requirement to disclose information to protect those who are vulnerable.

2.3. Insurance. The House of Bishops' Policy Protecting all God's children page 29 gives advice about insurance for those working with children and young people The PCC has reviewed its arrangements in the light of this advice.

2.4. Standards in working with children and young people. It is important that the environment in which children and youth groups meet is appropriate and safe. (Further advice can be found at page 22 onwards Protecting all God's children). The PCC has reviewed its work in the light of this guidance.

2.5. Specific work/contact with children. The PCC has identified the following children and youth work activity where the House of Bishops' policy should apply:

2.5.1. Toddler Groups

2.5.2. Holiday Club

2.5.3. ABC (Adults, Babies and Children)

2.6. Specific work/contact with Vulnerable Adults. The PCC has identified the following vulnerable adults activity where the House of Bishops' policy should apply:

2.6.1. Sunday Worship

2.6.2. All Church social activities

2.6.3. All other activities

Support. In all these schemes volunteers will be approved, supported and trained in line with the House of Bishops' Policy. The Diocese of Lincoln will make training on child protection available in each deanery. Information on training can be found at the safeguarding section of the Diocese of Lincoln website.

2.7. Posters will be displayed which feature ChildLine and Parentline and relevant telephone numbers. (Copies available via the website

2.8. What to do if you are concerned about a particular child, young person or vulnerable adult

Do not keep this to yourself. Share the concern with someone you can trust who can help you. Copies of the Diocese of Lincoln Safeguarding processes will be issued to all volunteers. The PCC agrees this approach. See further information at

Monitoring arrangements. This policy, strategy, implementation and development will be reviewed annually by the PCC.


We will identify that there is a position for work and a job description will be produced.

We will advertise the position.

We will follow Safer Recruitment principles and procedures.

We will take up references and ensure that we speak to the referees to confirm details.

We will undertake relevant Checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service and follow up any information pertaining to the person and their check.

We will undertake an induction, supply supervision and relevant training.

We will ensure understanding of all the organisations policies and procedures [not only the safeguarding policy]; to support good, safe practice.


Should anyone have concerns about anything happening within the Church organisation and feel that they cannot contact anyone within the Church, they should contact either the Police, the Diocese or North Lincolnshire Council (see contact numbers below).

Child Protection: Contacts

Local: John Darby, safeguarding officer. Tel 01652 648871

Debbie Johnson: Bishop's Safeguarding Adviser
Phone: 01522 50 40 81 Mobile: 07712 321 361
(Please use the mobile number out of office hours)
Edward King House, Minster Yard, Lincoln, LN2 1PU

Penny Turner : Diocesan Safeguarding Officer

T: 01522 50 40 80


North Lincolnshire Council
Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN16 1AB
Adult Social Services: 01724 297979
Children's Services: 01724 296500
Out of hours emergencies:
General: 01724 276444
Adult Social Services: 01724 297979
Children's Services: 01724 296555

Please Remember...Never delay making a referral where someone may be experiencing significant harm.


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